Phone of the Day: Nortel Meridian Norstar M7310 Digital Telephone at Abominable Sports Banff, Alberta

Gina and I visited this nice little sports shop while in Banff Alberta and I noticed they had grey M7310 Nortel Norstar digital telephones. These phones are durable and strong, just listen to the noise when you hang up the handset on one of these sets, it sounds solid and rugged.

I do remember when I saw these grey sets being used for the first time. It was at a small outdated TJ Maxx store in Schaumburg, IL in 1991. The service desk was equipped with these futuristic looking grey angled telephones, which of course was the M7310. The grey color matches TJ Maxx heavy grey and red color scheme of the early 1990s. I remember the service desk girl making pages, pressing RLS and then hanging up the phone, and the solid noise of the handset.

Back to the Banff phone. I love how the staff personalized the phone with their own stickers and labels. Actually not really, it makes the phone look crappy and outdated, lol. A lot of the buttons are worn out….instead of throwing the phone away, the owner could buy new key caps on eBay and make the phone look like new!