Phone of the Day: Nortel M7208 Digital Telephone at The Thunderbird Gifts in Banff, Alberta Canada

This big gift shop in downtown Banff uses a Nortel Norstar system with Norstar
M Series telephones.

Most of the gift shops around Banff had telephones that were as cheesy as the merchandise they sell, but this larger establishment had a large assortment of quality goods and of course a higher quality Nortel system.

The M7208 closely resembles the M2008 but was released before the M2008 in 1988 while the M2008 was introduced in 1989. The big difference between the sets is that the Norstar M7208 set has a small one line display built into the phone, while the M2008 has a large two line adjustable display. In 1988 having any display on a phone was a luxury, but today the M7208 looks weak with the small display.

The 08 at the end of the phones name describes the number of line feature keys on the phone. The M7324 has 24 buttons while the M7208 has 8, while the M2616 has 16. It's actually a very simple identification process.

The other big difference is that the M2008 works on the big PBX while the Norstar works on the smaller Norstar and BCM systems. One advantage of the M7208, is that it has a feature button that unlocks a ton of features, while the M2008 doesn't have a feature button.

Like a lot of businesses in Canada, Nortel is king.