Phone of the Day: NEC DT730 Digital Telephone at Woodmans Market in Kenosha, WI

My wife and I were passing through Kenosha last Friday to go camping and we stopped at Woodmans, a very very large grocery store. If you’re expecting fancy and modern like a Meijer or Target, you’re in for a shock at Woodmans. It’s barebones strip fluorescent lights and 1980s decor. What makes the store cool though are the friendly employees, very low prices, and a great selection of food products.

One reason I love this chain is that they utilize overhead paging heavily. They page every call that is on hold and page people to call different extensions, none of those stupid wireless earpieces.

They used to have Nitsuko digital phones (like the other large Wisconsin chain, Menards) but recently upgraded to these digital self labeling NEC telephones. These phones work on the Univerge telephony platform from NEC.

One interesting note, I believe Nitsuko was bought out by NEC, so that probably explains why this store upgraded to NEC.

They still use cheapo analog phones at the registers. Look at that beautiful floor tile!

Digital telephone at the service checkout area: