Phone of the Day: Audiocodes IP440HDEG SIP IP Telephone at Meijer In St. Joseph, Michigan

My favorite Midwestern retailer has dropped Avaya and gone with Skype for Business running Lynx with AudioCodes telephony gateways at each store. Gone are the Avaya 9600 sets seen at most Meijer stores, now replaced with these Audiocodes IP sets.

Managers carry around IP wireless sets, so no walkie talkies are required here.

This particular set was located at their service desk. Usually only a few locations, such as the Service Desk and Pharmacy at a Meijer store, use multi button telephones. The majority of team members use single line analog and SIP wireless WAN sets.

If you’ve never heard of Meijer, it’s a first class family run company of over 300 super centers in the Midwest. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Meijer has grown to be a very technologically advanced company, that rivals Wal-Mart and Target aim to copy.