Phone of the Day: Cisco 8941 IP Telephone at Purdue University West Lafayette, IN

I won’t say much because I am heartbroken that my Alma Mater, Purdue got rid of their trusty Nortel CS-2100 Genband C-20 Soft switch and replaced it in favor of these Cisco IP phones. The Nortel system did serve Purdue well for the last twenty years, and it outlasted the first digital AE 4600 installed from 1981-1997, which only lasted on campus for 16 years.

A friend of mine who works at Purdue sent me this photo of the phone in her academic office.

One thing I do like is that analog extensions are going away and every phone on campus will be these, which are now discontinued by Cisco or the the 8800 series IP phones. I especially like that there will be consistent IP Telephones across the campus with clean crisp communications and color display phones, even for single line applications.