Phone of the Day: Avaya 9508 Digital Telephone at the Rimrock Resort Banff, Alberta

A few weeks ago on our honeymoon I spotted these Avaya sets at the hotel we stayed at. I am almost certain they had a Meridian 1 switch and recently threw it away and put in an Avaya switch with pure digital (non IP) 9508 telephones. Rooms are equipped with cheap hotel analog telephones.

The resort was nice at best, but the building interior was dated, the rooms were especially dated and the service wasn’t exceptional, especially when we found mold on our bathroom ceiling. Management basically didn’t care and didn’t try to accommodate our problem. We asked and asked and they just ignored our requests. But what could we do? We had nowhere else to go to!

Some of the perks were the front lobby restaurant and bar, the beautiful courtyard and the gracious housekeeping staff.

The Avaya 9508 series telephones are digital telephones meant for clients who don’t want to use IP based telephones. These sets are descendants of the 6400,8400,7400 series sets.