Phone of the Day: Nortel M3902 Taurus Digital Telephone (Hudson’s Bay Toronto)

Today’s phone was spotted on a trip to Toronto this past weekend.  I found this phone located at the flagship Hudson’s Bay Department Store located in the heart of Toronto at Queen and Yonge Street.  This department store is considered the Macy’s Herald Square or Marshall Field’s State Street iconic department store.  Hudson’s Bay Company is now owned by an American named Richard Baker who also owns Lord and Taylor.  He and his company have injected new fashion, service and an overall contemporary brand image to The Bay department store, now renamed Hudson’s Bay.  Hudson’s Bay company is the oldest continually operating retailer in North America having been founded May 2, 1670.  Today there are 90 Bay department stores in Canada that are all being remodeled to follow more of a Lord and Taylor or Nordstrom feel.

I was quite impressed to find that the company didn’t skimp on their telecom setup with analog extensions and thus provided digital phones at every phone jack in the store.  This particular phone was spotted in the Men’s Department on Floor 2 near the Hugo Boss selection.  It is an M3902 digital telephone from Nortel.  It is considered an Intermediate set used for classrooms, hallways, single line use such as a checkout, cafeteria’s, and low volume office workstations.

I was quite happy to be in Toronto this past weekend, not only visiting friends, but also seeing the huge influx of Nortel phones everywhere from car dealerships to furniture stores to grocery stores…..well it is Canada and Nortel was Northern Telecom, Canada’s telecom provider and then eventually the world’s telecom provider.

Here is the photo:

Nortel M3902