Phone of the Day: Panasonic KX-TD7696 Digital Cordless Telephone at Corridor Brewing in the Southport Corridor Chicago

My wife and I checked out this new brewery this past Saturday night and when we arrived I noticed this wireless handset that looks like any typical residential grade handset, but in this case it’s a fully digital proprietary set that only works on a Panasonic system. This set is extremely expensive though $599 on Amazon for a replacement. I would never charge a brewery this insane amount of money for a wireless set. Wireless sets could get lost very easily.

If your system is SIP IP compatible you could set up a SIP extension,and put it on an older iPhone via an app, for under $50, and you won’t feel guilty for losing it.

But the beer and food are outstanding! Definitely worth the trip to the Southport Corridor. And while you are at it, check the Amazon book store out across the street, it feels just like a resurrected Borders Books!