Phones of the Day: Nortel Meridian M2000 and M3900 Digital Telephones and Meridian 1 Cabinet at My Friends RV Camper in Pennsylvania

So my friend Joseph’s Nortel Meridian1 System sits outside his RV in a water tight area right next to his bar. Yes, Joseph has a fully featured Meridian 1 PBX in a campground site in Pennsylvania. He keeps it operational during the warm season from April to September.

He told me he uses trunks through POTS lines via OOMA with connections to the M1 via a T1 connection. Additionally he uses a T1 line with Telephone Collectors International which in turn runs through as Asterisk platform which provides voip trunking for both his Meridian 1 and Asterisk Switch. (I may not have all the setup descriptions correct Joseph, so you’ll have to give me the exact parameters when we talk next.)

He has a nice variety of M2000 and M3900 sets located thorough his very entertaining oriented outdoor adventure setup. He even has a M2250 console setup right next to the bar.

I am extremely impressed with his clean organizational skills in setting such a complex system up in a very unusual location. Not many people can say they have an enterprise grade PBX in their camper.

Please enjoy the pics below: