Phone of the Day: Nortel T7208 J. Crew Eaton Centre Toronto Ontario

Today’s phone comes from an American retailer who has set their roots in Canada.

The attached photo of the Nortel T7208 digital set is most likely connected to a MICS, CICS, or BCM switch.  J. Crew has been a huge Nortel client through the years?  How do I know?  I remember when I was 15 and visited the “new” J. Crew outlet in Michigan City, IN and they had the Nortel M7208’s on their cash wrap counter.  I taught the employees there how to use the Feature codes such as paging Feature 630.  To this day, I think they have the same 1991 switch with DR1 software, because I heard them do a page and it made that early Nortel tri tone Norstar page tone.   They have since updated the phones to T series sets.

Anyways, today’s phone is shown at the new J. Crew store at the large Toronto Eaton Centre indoor shopping mall, located right in the heart of downtown Toronto.

You couldn’t ask for a better photo!  Someone had left the phone pulled out on the sliding phone stand….I didn’t go and pull it out!

Nortel JCrew