Phone of the Day: Avaya 9408 Digital Telephone at Fields BMW Northfield, IL

My wife and I needed to buy a new car this past weekend. My 2000 BMW 528i with 265,000 miles on it finally decided not to shift anymore….aka the clutch went out and my mechanic said it wasn’t worth replacing. It stopped working while driving on the Indiana Toll Road between the Michigan City and LaPorte exits and it wasn’t pleasant to be on the side of the road not knowing what’s going on. Luckily my awesome mechanic Charlie answered the phone when I called him and told me to try shifting the car into gear while the car was off and try driving away in second gear, it worked! We made it all the way home, over 80 miles, safely thank goodness.

Now to today’s phone. I like my cars how I like my phones, and BMW makes a fine precision automobile just like Nortel made fine precision telephones. In fact most BMW dealerships used Nortel Norstar phone systems for years, but this dealership, updated their older Avaya system to a newer Avaya IP Office recently and I took this picture of a 9408 digital telephone on a desk. The dealership has a mix of 9408s, 1408s and even some 4400s in the Parts area.

The 9408 is a great looking digital phone that looks just like the 9608 IP telephone. You can tell the difference between the phones via the display. The 9408 digital set is more pixelated than the more graphically refined 9608 IP phone.

We received a great deal on our car and this dealership was very kind and helpful.

The car I had to give up:

9408 at a desk

9408 at a reception desk