Phone of the Day: Cisco 7961 (or is it really a 7962????) IP Phone at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago

This phone was spotted in a consultation room at this very large hospital in Chicago. Northwestern Memorial is a huge Cisco client while its companion educational Northwestern University is still mainly Nortel Centrex and CICM 1100 series IP phones.

This particular phone baffles me, because I thought the smooth rounded font text was introduced with the Cisco 7962. Additionally I’ve never seen the smooth font display with an older Cisco logo….I thought by the time the newer non pixelated display was issued, Cisco updated to their newer more modern logo. I also didn’t think logo uploads were available on the 7961. Perhaps this phone received a faceplate with an incorrect model number.

The Northwestern Medical Center logo sure does look nice on that phone display.

It appears Northwestern is so large they dial with 5 digit extensions.