Phone of the Day: Northern Telecom Logic 20 Analog Set, Montreal

My friend Stephane from Montreal sent me these pictures of a Northern Telecom Logic Analog telephone he acquired and set up to work alongside his home Norstar system. Here is some information below describing the setup.

“It is a Northern Telecom Logic20

It has a 50 pairs connecting cable with two amphenol connectors.

The two BLFs are QUB1B.

This very large 1A2 system was removed from the Toronto Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

I can just imagine the number of lights coming on and off every second. The number of buzzers announcing incoming calls.

It must have been amazing!”

These are the analog siblings to the wedge style SL-1 Electronic sets introduced in 1975.

As opposed to the electronic sets, which could manage many lines on one 3 pair phone cable, these Logic sets needed large cables to operate the many lines

Thank you Stephane!