Phones of the Day: ATT Definity 7406 Digital Telephones at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan

My partner on this blog, Justin, took a photo of these legacy digital ATT (now Avaya) telephones originally released in the middle 1980s to work on the new digital generation of ATT PBXs that eventually evolved into Lucent and then Avaya.

The Grand Hotel is a beautiful quaint hotel on Mackinac Island, a Hotel my Mom and Dad loved dearly. Justin was at the hotel this past summer and he grabbed a photo of these telephones at the Registration Desk.

I remember going to the hotel in 1996 with my Mom and Dad and asking what “Grand” telephone system they had. I was surprised to see such “older” phones and not Nortel M2000 sets or Lucent 8400 sets….these sets looked old to me in 1996. But when I look at them today, I realize they were quite futuristic for the early 1980s, and they still look quite modern today.

If you ever get a chance to go to Mackinac Island and the Grand Hotel, do it! It’s an experience you will never forget.