Phone of the Day: Nortel/Avaya T7316E Digital Telephone at Bath and Body Works Rosemont, IL

I spotted this clean modern looking Nortel T7316E behind the checkouts, doing its Nortel thing of looking modern and good even if it was developed in 1998.

Bath and Body Work’s are a hodgepodge of different phone systems with everything from Analog pots phones to Cisco to Nortel to Panasonic… the past I’ve even seen some ATT/Lucent/Avaya Partner and Rolm Redwood.

These small phone systems are still quite important to smaller establishments like this store….where a phone system can provide hours to calling guests, a prompt after hours mentioning they are closed to handling multiple calls at once during the busy holidays. While on hold customers can hear important announcements or soothing music. None of this would be possible if they flat out switched to public network cell phones or a straight public POTS line.

The phones themselves look decorative and substantial, and can take the abuse of being in a retail store. This phone in particular has many programmable auto dial buttons for one touch dialing to emergency services, corporate headquarters or even the managers cell phone for contacting them when they aren’t at the store.