Phone of the Day: Stormcloud Brewing and Nortel i2004 NTDU92 POE IP Phone

Hello from Northern Michigan and the town of Frankfort!

I have been vacationing in this wonderful little town along with it’s counterpart Elberta, MI for the last 7 years now.  I stay at the Wayfarer Lodgings which wonderful Mike and Iris Jones own and maintain.

I was so excited to hear a new brewery opened in Frankfort!  It is appropriately called Stormcloud Brewery, named after the many storms that roll in off Lake Michigan, especially during the fall and winter.

The 2 owners that I met, Rick and Brian, were extremely nice and open to my idea of installing some IP phones for them in the brewery.  They are able to call and page the Brewhouse from the Taproom when beer is low, or the Brewery can page up front if they need something.

Below is the picture of one of the phones I installed.

Cheers to the awesome new brewery in town!  i2004 Stormcloud