Phone of the Day: Nortel M3904 Digital Telephone at a Marketing Office in Buffalo, NY

This clean and well kept Nortel M3904 digital telephone was found at a marketing office in Buffalo. They produce beers such as Labatt Blue.

The M3904 is one of the few digital non IP phones still manufactured today. In the past you could only use it on a Meridian 1 or CS1000 platform, but today you can also use it on an Emetrotel UCx platform, which means you can use it on the same network with a T7316E or M7324, something not possible in the Nortel days.

This phones design was quite revolutionary when introduced in 1998. It’s horizontal design was a dramatic departure from the typical vertical styled phones of the day. In my opinion, if you threw a backlight into this phones display, it would look like any of the fancy IP phones on the market today.