Phone of the Day: Cisco 7911 IP Phone H&M Style

Today’s phone was spotted 2 weeks ago on a hot steamy Lafayette, IN afternoon at H&M at Tippecanoe Mall!  Yes an H&M in Lafayette, Indiana.  It’s the last place I would have expected to see an ultra modern Euro store, considering about 1 mile east of the mall are farm fields, Tractor Supply Company and a grain elevators.  Lafayette isn’t any old farming town actually, don’t be fooled.  It’s home to Purdue University  (in West Lafayette) who sent the man to the Moon and myself into the world of corporate culture.  Also in Lafayette is Eli Lily, Subaru, and many high tech businesses.  So I guess in reality, I shouldn’t be surprised to find an H&M here.

So as I walked through the store, I found this sleek Cisco 7911 IP set on the wall.  I assume it is running on Call Manager, but these day’s you never know if it’s a SIP phone on a hosted service or connected to an Asterisk server.  This phone is the mini version of the larger Cisco 7941, 7961, etc. model of phones….there are too many models and versions to mention without boring you, lol!

This phone is perfectly suited for where you see it, on a sales floor or in other applications, a classroom, hallway, cafeteria or anywhere light use is required.  The set is very simliar to a Nortel 1210, Nortel 1110, IP sets or Nortel M7100/T7100,M2006 digital sets.

Thanks H&M for having this stylish phone on your wall!

Cisco 7905G