Phone of the Day: Avaya 9508 Digital Telephone at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago

My wife and I visited the indoor farmers market at this location last Saturday and I spotted this telephone at the front desk. The staff uses it to page over the buildings PA for different events going on in the museum. That’s pretty innovative seeing a lot of museums will just use a microphone to page the building.

From Avaya: The 9504 Digital Deskphone is designed for light phone users with straightforward needs. It offers 12 administrable feature buttons, high-quality speakerphone, wired and wireless headset support, a context-sensitive interface, and a four-way navigation cluster.

Interesting that Avaya says for “light use” and this is the main phone for the building.

The 9500 series are the digital series of phones still made by Avaya for use on Aura and IP Office.

This phones base could sure use a nice Clorox wet wipe bath. I hate when people don’t keep their phones clean, especially being a nature museum you’d expect them to keep it in tip top condition.

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