Phone of the Day: Nortel M2006 Digital Telephone Shedd Aquarium Chicago, IL

Today’s phone is a the main entry to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL.  Unfortunately the phone is a bit yellowed, the original color is more of a ash/white color.  If their telephone vendor only knew that they could get a replacement phone for peanuts, say in black color, and it would look like a brand new system.

It’s very interesting how the phone color can be perceived as whether a phone system is outdated or not.  I bet if you put a group of users in front of 3 yellowed ash M2000 phones and 3 black M2000 phones, the users in front of the black ones would say the system is up to date, while the yellowed would say the system is in need of replacement.

So based on this photo, it looks as though the Shedd is running on a Nortel Options/Meridian 1 switch.

If they upgrade soon, they will be able to keep their phones and upgrade to the UCx from E-Metrotel.