Phone of the Day: Toshiba DKT2010S 10 Button with Speakerphone

Today’s phone comes to you from a Kerr Drug in North Carolina.  This is a tired but trusty reliable digital telephone that works on a Toshiba DK Strata Key Telephone system.  I am assuming DK stands for Digital Key system.

The phone has an interesting “Teleco” label on it, disguising it from it’s actual Toshiba name.   Apparently this company has been a superior Toshiba partner since the early 1980s, so they must have something worked out with Toshiba where they can use their own corporate name printed on the phone and KSU’s.  I can imagine in the mid to late 90s this grey color phone was meant to compete with the Gray Nortel Meridian phones on the market at the time.   Unfortunately with the mismatched charcoal handset cord, this phone looks tired and ready for replacement.