Frankfort, MI the Nortel Town November 2013

Hey fellow phone lovers out there.  I spend a lot of time in Northern Michigan in a wonderful 2 town area located in the beautiful hills of Benzie County near Lake Michigan.  The town I stay in is Elberta Michigan and the twin bigger town is Frankfort, MI.  It is 300 miles North of Chicago and 30 miles West of Traverse City, MI.  Good Morning America recently voted this area, including the adjoining Leelanau County which contains the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, as the “Most beautiful place in America.”  And they are downright correct.

The scenery is not the only nice thing about this area, it’s also the people that make me feel so welcome Up North.  Being an artist and designer, I am not able to give huge sums of money back in donations to this town, BUT I am able to give them something rather affordable and modern to compliment their lives.  You guessed it….modern telephones.

Below are some of the phones I have donated to local businesses in town.

Grocery Store:


The Analog M8009 Nortel/Aastra phones that I gave to the local supermarket named Glen’s.  They are using a Panasonic Key System but had terrible ugly dollar store phones at their registers.  They were thrilled to get durable heavy duty analog phones that have a dedicated page and service desk autodial button.  I tried a page over their PA system and these phones sound amazing.  They even have a little RLS key that allows you to hang up the page before you hang up.  One clerk told me that she felt like she went from the dark ages to being a high tech receptionist after receiving the new phone for her register.  I am glad I could make their day!




Post Office:

Mich 3

Next I gave the local post office and a good friend of mine there, Kelly,  a new Nortel/Aastra Power Touch 390 analog set.  They too had a terrible outdated analog phone plugged in that couldn’t do anything more than dial.  What I gave them is a great modern looking phone that has Caller ID, Call Log, Handsfree, a programmable directory, Big Display, Programmable ring tones amongst other things.  Quite nice for use on an existing analog line.


Local Bar:


I donated a Nortel 8×24 KSU to the local bar named Villa Marine.  The owner and friend Jerry wanted a way to have a centralized way to answer calls throughout his local establishment, especially since he was taking on pizza orders.  I was happy to supply him with an otherwise unused Nortel system just sitting in storage in my basement.  I installed this heavy duty digital M7310 on the main bar.  It definitely can take the abuse!


Local Apartment Complex:


The owner and friend of mine Mike Jones at work at his former job at a local Apartment Complex sits in front of a Nortel PT390 I gave to him.  It’s the same phone as the post office.


Local Brewery:

Mich 1

The best phone of them all is a Nortel 1140E SIP Firmware phone wired up to the Stormcloud Brewery SIP phone account.  I was so happy this brewery opened up in town, I wanted them to have an awesome phone to compliment their very elegant backbar.  As you can see a call came in from the local drugstore for a pizza order.

Here are some pictures of the scenery around the area:


On Beautiful M-22 looking back North as I head home to Chicago on a scenic turnout just North of Arcadia, MI.



Looking east over the Arcadia Grasslands and the swampy marshy area of Arcadia Lake off of M-22.  Arcadia, Michigan.




The Cabin I stay in at beautiful Wayfarer Lodgings owned by Mike and Iris Jones.


The view a few blocks west of the Wayfarer at the end of Grace Road.  It seems like the end of planet here…..or the Pacific Coast.  Hard to believe it’s the Midwest!