Phone of the Day: ShoreTel 115 IP Phone

Found at a new high tech grocery store called Plum Market in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood, this is a ShoreTel 115 IP telephone.  It’s a single line IP set very similar to a Nortel M/T 7100 IP1110/1210 IP set or Cisco 7906G set.  It appears to have 6 feature keys and Handsfree.

After being a Nortel fan for years, I can’t really seem to take a visual liking of this phone.  The handset seems way too big and bulky compared to the rest of the phone and the speaker assembly looks like a drain cover in a bathtub.  That is just my opinion.  What I do like is that when the store made a paging announcement over the stores Soundsphere speakers, the system was clear and crisp and didn’t contain an annoying “page prompt” or “page tone.”