Phone of the Day: Nortel 1150E Call Center IP Phone

Today’s phone is one of mine here in my loft in Chicago.  It’s a Nortel 1150E set that is generally used for ACD Call Center applications.  I currently have it plugged into an E-MetroTel UCx 50 as the Receptionist Attendant position.  As you can see, up on the left I have 5 In-Call buttons, which can accept 5 calls simultaneously.  The fixed button are labeled quite colorfully and nicely.  The middle KEM (sidecar) contains features while the most right KEM contains BLF positions for both internal phones and status of external users connected via an external IP address and an IP Unistim terminal at their location.  For example, K Gaff is my friend Kort a few blocks away in Chicago.  He has a first generation purple i2004 plugged in at this house.  I’ve set him up with his own VOIP.MS sip trunk on my UCx50 and in turn he can make outgoing calls through my system.   On the other hand, my friend Misha V is in Prague, half way across the world.

I believe this phone has been discontinued (1120E and 1140E are still in production) by Avaya, which confuses me, because it interfaces with the CS1000 and CS2100, which are still going to be manufactured for a while.

Anyways, the voice quality on this set is amazing.  When making a page or leaving a voice mail message, the voice quality is 10 times clearer than a typical IP set.  I assume this is because it’s for a Call Center application.  Also, I chose to just use a handset plugged into the set, but it also allows the use of a headset.

So there you have it, the mini Central Answering Position in my 826 sq ft. loft in Chicago.Nortel 1150E