Phone of the Day:Polycom Spectralink 8000 Wireless IP Handset

Sorry for the delay in the posts!  It’s been a busy cold month!

Today’s phone comes from my favorite grocery store named Mariano’s Fresh Market in Chicago, IL.  These wireless handsets work directly off the Toshiba DK Strata in house at the grocery store, most likely I am assuming patched in through analog trunking to their DK Strata.  I don’t know the exact way these interface, but the managers rely on these phones heavily each day.  Each manager is given a phone and paged overhead or called when they need to provide assistance.

This I believe is a much better solution than stores like Target that only have walkie talkie radios.  This Spectralink phone can act both as wireless handset and a walkie talkie.  Why the difference?  On Target’s system, you can’t immediately dial 911 in an emergency from your walkie talkie and you can’t make an emergency page over the store either.  When will Target wake up?  I mean, Target still has microphones too… about multiplicity…..they have a mic system for overhead paging, a Cisco phone system (which they render useless) AND walkie talkies (that you can constantly hear blaring next to you as your shop)….a bit of overkill for a store that “bans” pages during customer shopping hours…..

Thanks Mariano’s for providing a great system that provides great service for your customers.