Phone of the Day:NortelT7208 Digital Telephone Mariano’s Fresh Market

Mariano’s, a new grocery chain here in Chicagoland, was developed by Bob Mariano, a former CEO of Dominick’s a large grocery chain that once dominated the Chicago market.  Before he left Dominick’s in the late 1990s, their stores were full of Meridian Option 11 systems….so when he came back with Mariano’s Fresh Markets, a chain committed to preserving the traditions of Dominick DiMatteo, the founder of Dominick’s, I expected to find Nortel systems in the stores.  That isn’t the case, they actually use Toshiba DK Strata phone systems.

But now that is not always the case.  Dominick’s under Safeway upgraded all of their stores to BCM200’s and 450’s just a few years ago.  Dominick’s stores were all closed by Safeway at the end of 2013 and Mariano’s bought 10 of the locations.  What I love, is when Mariano’s reopened in the former Dominick’s, they kept the Nortel systems that Safeway installed in their stores and upgraded them to be used at Mariano’s.  Attached are photos of a T7208 at the new Park Ridge Dominick’s to Mariano’s conversion from my birthday on Feb. 18th last month.  This phone is located on the wine bar who is staffed by my good friend Erin.

I should also mention that all of the managers carry wireless IP handsets, I believe either the Spectralink or Nortel IP sets.

What I love is that the Safeway tag is still on the phone in the second photo 🙂

Thanks Mariano’s for reusing a great Nortel product and not throwing it in the trash!IMG_6540