Phone of the Day: i2004 (New Model)

Manufactured in 2006 (06/05 to be exact) today’s phone of the day comes to you from the Ballard Community Center – “From the Desk of Katie Howard” – Rec Leader. This is a newer model of the i2004 and as she says “the buttons all have words on them – whereas the phones you and Joe have (referring to me) – don’t have words on them, they’re all photos.”

None the less, here’s Katie’s phone in all its glory:


The thing to notice about this variant – compared to the i2004 of old is the updated display as well as the cleaner lines and newer font on the keys. All in all, still a great phone. You’ll also notice it’s connected to a CS 1000 switch…A switch that can be piggy backed to (or even replaced by) the E-MetroTel series PBX…