Nortel Norstar System installed at a Non-Profit

A few months ago, a good friend of mine Dan Raftrey knew of my intense Nortel phone interest and asked if I would like to help out a non profit group named Youth Conservation Core in Waukegan, IL.  I took a winter’s afternoon trip up there and installed a Nortel 6×16 Norstar DR1 telephone system that had just been collecting dust in my storage locker.  A few fellow volunteers helped me cable up the office and within 4 hours we had a working telephone system.  Here are some photos of the install!  You can see the analog ATT wireless phones that were there before the Norstar system.  We kept those side by side just in case they wanted to use wireless.  They really liked the idea of having solid robust Meridian phones at each desk, that they use for paging and transferring.  The CO lines are VOIP from Comcast with Voicemail built into the IP service.

IMG_6255[1] IMG_6246[1] IMG_6258[1] IMG_6256[1] IMG_6252[1] IMG_6261[1]