Phones of the Day: Nortel M7208 TJ Maxx Style

Spotted today at the TJ Maxx built in 2002 in Highland, IN, are the Nortel “Grey” M7208 Nortel Norstar digital phones found in most TJ Maxx.  These were installed in all TJX stores starting in the very early 1990s.  In 2004, their stores started upgrading to the newer T Series sets.  Their phone systems are used quite extensively for in store paging and many phones calls.  I visited a brand new Homegoods across the street and I noticed they have installed Avaya 1400 sets….this must mean they no longer trust the existing Nortel line of products, even though they will be supported for quite some time.  This would have been a great case for installing the UCx from E-MetroTel!

In these photos, one phone has a missing handset…..either they are waiting to upgrade to their new Avaya systems or they just need to order one.


Norstar 2