Phone System of My Dreams: Nortel CS1000 JW Marriott Grand Rapids, MI

Not only do I love staying at the JW Marriott in Grand Rapids Michigan because of it’s world class accomodations, I stay there because they have a world class full 100 percent VOIP Nortel CS1000 installed in 2007 with the awesome Nortel 1120E/1140E/i2007 series IP Phones located throughout the hotel, including the guestrooms.   I stayed at this hotel in 2009 and it made me upgrade my old Norstar DR5.1 to a new BCM IP system….and entered me into the world of IP Telephony and eventually meeting IP engineers from Avaya to E-MetroTel.  I have met all of the very creators of these IP systems and now they use me as their test guy for their newly created E-MetroTel UCx system that supports all of these phones.  If I didn’t stay at this hotel back in January 2009, I wouldn’t be where I am at with you now.  Here are some photos I took on a tour with the very friendly staff from the Amway Hotel Collection.  The JW is probably the best luxury hotel I’ve ever stayed at and they have an awesome telephone system as well, a Nortel CS1000.


Yours truly in front of the CS1000 Administration area switch at the JW Marriott Grand Rapids.  I am posing in front of some MG1000 units that control the MGC card, DLC cards and most cards that control the systems function.  These are downsized version of the large Meridian 1 Options cabinets seen later in these slides at the Amway Grand Hotel.


Nortel IP Phones ready to be used on the system.


Overall Admin Node CS1000.


Testing out an 1120E on the main switch.


Guestroom Nightstand next to bed Phone at the JW Marriott.  AYS stands for “At Your Service” or the hotel operator.


1120E deskphone on the main desk of the room.  Each guestroom contains 2 IP phones.  Some suites also have the Nortel i2007 touchscreen phones.


Another view of the CS1000.


At Your Service Operator ACD set.  I informed the staff that you can add a power brick to make the KEM light up.


Single Line phones in the hotel, with the exception of the chlorinated indoor pool area, are all Nortel 1110 IP sets.  What a great looking single line set!


A view of the lobby at this beautiful hotel.

Now across the street to the other property in the Amway collection, is the Amway Grand Hotel.


Across the street at the Luxuriously more traditional historical Amway Grand Hotel and their Nortel Meridian 1 switch.  As you can see, 10 years makes a difference.  These cabinets date to about 1997 and look at how large they are.  Fast forward 10 years to 2007 and see the pics of the MG1000 units above and how much more condensed they are.


Cards on the Meridian 1 switch, still going strong and fully supported.


A view of the switch with all of the front covers.


66 blocks for the analog extensions at the hotel.  Unlike the JW Marriott across the street, the guestrooms and single line phones are traditional analog ports.


The Hotel Operator command center is controlled by 5 M2250 attendant consoles.


Another view of the console.


Close up View of a Meridian M2250 console.  When these came out in the late 1980s or early 1990s, the backlight LCD display with blue LCD letters was revolutionary.  No other system at the time even had backlit displays like this.


Meridian 1 M2616 digital phone, probably one of the best phones ever made, is near the Operators office.

M2616’s control the front desk of this very busy hotel.

Thanks again to the staff at the Amway collection…..Alberto, Mike and Jeff….and also to George, the JW Marriott General Manager, who set the tour up for me.