Phones of the Day: Nortel CS1000 Large Hospital Merrillville, IN

Today’s phones come to you via the wonderful hospital where my a family member is currently receiving treatment.  The nurses, doctors and hospital staff are very caring and compassionate.

The same family member has also received treatment at another great hospital in NW Indiana in Munster, which also happens to have a Nortel CS1000.

Upon a recent visit, I snapped some photos of the phones around the hospital and was sure to keep anything confidential out of the pics.

You’ll see a wide range of M3900 digital telephone sets.  The hospital uses 3 styles of the Nortel Taurus phones, the M3901, M3902, M3904.  I do not know what the switchboard uses or if there are any M3903 sets located on the campus.  One particularly quirk about the system though, is that the overhead paging is through an old fashioned gooseneck microphone and not the CS1000.  I would hope one day they tie the PA system into the Nortel system.

What is also interesting, is that I remember visiting this hospital as recently as 2001, and they still had an analog style 1A2 “Trapper John MD” style PBX with the 1A2 wall phones and 1A2 deskphones.  I am thinking they might have updated fairly recently, as the digital phones do not say Nortel Networks……the Networks was dropped around 2007 I believe.  With that being the case, they really got their money worth out of the old PBX, and now have a solid robust digital system for the campus, that is fully upgradable to VOIP with Avaya or E-MetroTel.

Now for the phones.


Reception Desk M3904


Cafeteria M3901


Standard Analog Wall phone in the cafeteria.


M3904 Patient Floor



M3904 in Nurses Area