Phone ofthe Day: Cisco 7821 IP set Strack and Van Til Grocery Munster, IN

Today while visiting family in my hometown of Munster, IN, I stopped at our local grocery store called Stracks….and it is going through a huge remodel, that exposed the original structure of this circa 1970 building originally built as Burgers Foods, a Former Northwest Indiana grocery stronghold. The remodel is looking great. It looks as though this store is also getting a state of the art Cisco phone system. I snapped a photo of a new 7821 IP set on a column in the store. I was unaware that the 7800 sets existed until today. Apparently these will be replacements for the 69xx sets.

This phone in the photo wasn’t yet connected to the network.

I Don’t know if I like the phone or not. I’ll have to see it in use. The shape and colors look Nortel like.

Here is a picture of the phone!