Converting my Norstar DR5.1 to the new BCM in 2009.

Converting my Norstar DR5.1 to the new BCM in 2009.
After Conversion to my BCM. 2009

Moving to Chicago 2002-2009

Moving to Chicago 2002-2009
Here are photos of my First Norstar system, first in my first apartment in Chicago in Lincoln Park….then in my condo in the Loop starting in 2004.  I had a Norstar system up till 2009 and here are some photos showing it.

Joe’s Purdue Phone History 1996-1999

Joe's Purdue Phone History 1996-1999

“Wirelessly” Connecting your 1165e to the PBX

So I was posed with a challenge when Joe asked me to start adding telephones at random to the telephony network…I don’t have a wired network around my house like he does. Nor do I have the ability to just start knocking down walls or running 100 feet of patch cable around to wire up ...

What to do when COLOR*SET doesn’t work

What to do when COLOR*SET doesn't work
Have you ever either purchased a second-hand phone and COLOR*SET didn’t work to get in to the admin, or even better yet, reset the admin password and forgotten it? Depending on the firmware, you can do various things like try to reset to factory settings using ** + 73639 + MAC + ##, but sometimes ...

One of Joe’s Favorite Videos

Joe has always been proud of what he knows in the telephony realm and he never ceases to amaze me. I’m still shocked at what we have set up between our two houses today and the funny thing, he keeps pushing to make it even more sophisticated and better. One of the other things Joe ...

Who is Joetheucxguy?

Well hello out there….I think Alexander Graham Bell would be pretty proud of Justin and I, lol… As Justin mentioned, we met at Purdue University, lived on the same floor in the dorm, and as soon as I purchased a then expensive Nortel M9000 series set that could plug into the analog lines in our ...


Two guys and their phones is a blog put together by Joe and Justin – two friends who met in college and enjoy pushing the limits when it comes to telephony and technology. We hope to share how-to’s, our stories and just about anything interesting about telephones and technology. We live far apart, but due to ...