Upgrading an 1120e (Unistim) Firmware with UCx

Here’s how you can upgrade the¬†Unistim¬†firmware of your phones (this post talks specifically about the 1120e) with your UCx, using it as a TFTP server: [FW] DOWNLOAD_MODE AUTO VERSION 0624C8Q FILENAME 0624C8Q.bin PROTOCOL TFTP SERVER_IP SECURITY_MODE 0

What to do when COLOR*SET doesn’t work

What to do when COLOR*SET doesn't work
Have you ever either purchased a second-hand phone and COLOR*SET didn’t work to get in to the admin, or even better yet, reset the admin password and forgotten it? Depending on the firmware, you can do various things like try to reset to factory settings using ** + 73639 + MAC + ##, but sometimes ...